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Seawalls can be compromised in many different ways, but the most frequent issue is from the loss of reinforcement from supported soils behind the seawall itself. 

If you are in needing to completely replace your seawall, or even install a seawall- California Building Innovations is here to help! Our experienced teams of professionals have proven multiple methods of quality solutions. Seawalls, no matter how well constructed, are subjected to constant stress from waves, water flow, storms, erosion and Mother Nature herself. California Building Innovations offers cost-effective and safe solutions to replace your seawall. Call for a free estimate today! 



If the damage wasn't as sever you may be able to repair your seawall. Polyurethane foam, when injected, seeks out the voids and pushes out any present or remaining water. Polyurethane foam expands throughout the empty areas and reestablishes the weight-bearing capacity of the soil while preventing future washouts. If any structures have settled along the affected area of your seawall, it’s possible for the structure to be lifted to its original grade at this time as well. Call California Building Innovations today to schedule your free estimate when repairing your seawall.



"Raul and his team from California Building Innovation are amazing"

★★★★★-TOBY C.

Raul was so professional from the first time meeting with him, and throughout the whole project. His team worked hard every day, and got the whole project done is just three weeks! He went above and beyond to make sure we were informed throughout the whole process and we're happy with the results.

"Did an excellent and professional job. I highly recommend them."

★★★★★-GINNY R.

I have an older home, not on a foundation, but with a crawl space. I had been told I needed it retrofitted in case of an earthquake. I called and Raul set up an appointment to inspect the area. He gave me a very fair bid and they completed the job in a week. Raul and his men were very professional, kept everything clean, sent me photos to sent to my insurance company and overall did an excellent and professional job. I highly recommend them.

"I couldn't be happier with my choice"

★★★★★-REBECCA B.

I want to thank California Building Innovations for the foundation work they completed on my family home. I couldn't be happier with my choice, they were in and out in the time they said and once they were done they emailed me before and after pictures for us to have, which I didn't expect. Now I'm comfortable knowing my dad is safe and secure in his home. Thank you again, guys!

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