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Pool Deck Repairs

Pool Deck Repair

If your pool is where you and your family are spending your summer then you’ll want to ensure your pool deck is safe from trip hazards. If your pool deck is experiencing any damage, drainage issues, or uneven concrete we have the solutions to make your pool deck ADA compliant. California Building Innovations will fix existing flaws, and upgrade the look of your pool deck. A solution is as easy as concrete leveling with Polyurethane foam. Lifting concrete with Polyurethane foam is cost effective, quick and easy and can be completed within minutes. Lifting concrete eliminates any potential tip hazards and uneven concrete by safely and effectively leveling out uneven slabs. Before assessing the initial damage, you must determine the cause of the issue to prevent any additional damage in the future.

By using Polyurethane to raise pool decks you are using material that is environmentally friendly, waterproof, with a high lifting strength and even offer quick installation times. Many concrete pool decks are prone to settling and cracking due to the pool construction process. If the soil is not well compacted and is not as dense as the undisturbed concrete you will be prone to having cracking and settling issues arise.

Pool Deck Repaired

While many companies are still opting for a large scale solution, including large heavy-machinery and equipment to demolish the concrete, CBI will not require any new concrete to be poured during the repair process. Polyurethane concrete foam leveling requires a 5/8” hole to be drilled to inject the material it will not disrupt any existing concrete, landscape, foundations or structural walls. After injection the 5/8” hole is filled and patched the area is ready for immediate use of the area.

California Building Innovations offers an all in one solution by providing all of the engineering, designing and contracting aspects for each of your projects needs. We work with experts in the real estate industry, structural engineers, and homeowners to bring our services to those in need. At California Building Innovations, our team of contractors, engineers, and inspectors is trusted for its combined experience of over 65 years in the industry.

If you have a concrete pool deck and are in need of repairs, call California Building Innovations for a safe, quick and easy solution and a free estimate on how we can bring your concrete back to life. 

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