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Cliff Foundation Repairs and Trip Hazards

Cliff Foundation Repairs

Do you have a cliff or hill on your property that is quickly eroding and it’s starting to damage your home? California Building innovations offers the best solution for cliff and hillside stabilization and foundation repair. Hillside stabilization and foundation repairs protect your hillside home form destruction from unstable foundations and soil. Many homes in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties have beautiful views but are still in major need of hillside stabilization.

Rainwater and erosion can chip away at the edge of cliffs and hills causing homes to become unstable and eventually uninhabitable. If your home is older and lacks proper foundation to survive on a hillside, your home will be susceptible to sliding and possible damage to your homes infrastructure and foundation. There are multiple measures you can take to prevent any damage to your home as well as stabilizing the soil to reduce any risks in the future. Polyurethane Foam can help stabilize any hill and reduce the risk of further damage to your home.


The Earth’s soils are constantly shifting and expanding as they adept to changing temperatures, drought conditions and excess moisture. When all environmental factors come into play, the conditions often result in sinking concrete, settlement or some sort of breakage. Uneven surfaces can result in dangerous trip hazards and pose multiple threats in terms of public safety and a potential liability for property management companies, commercial, public property owners, as well as HOA’s, and municipalities. Grinding away concrete is unattractive as well as makes the slabs weaker over time will pose higher risks of breaking and needing replacement in the future. Polyurethane Foam is inserted below the concrete slab to lift and create an even surface. By lifting sunken concrete you’re able to eliminate any trip hazards and be in compliance with the ADA standards. California Building Innovation’s solution to sunken concrete using Polyurethane Foam is ECO-friendly, cost effective as well as fact and clean with an attractive overall finish that is achieved within one day.

If you have sunken concrete slabs on your property that are potential trip hazards and posing risks for fine and are not ADA compliant, call California Building Innovations to schedule your free estimate.

California Building Innovations not only strives to provide the highest quality industry standards, but aspires to be the industry’s leading company in concrete foundation repairs in the Los Angeles area. If you have a concrete foundation and are in need of repairs, call California Building Innovations for a safe, quick and easy solution and a free estimate on how we can bring your foundation back to life. 

Why do Seawalls Fail?


 Why do seawalls fail?When you live on beautiful waterfront property, you want to make sure you don’t lose any of it to erosion or shifting soils. Unfortunately, seawall failure is more common than you think and can compromise the safety of your home while also allowing erosion to eat away at your property. Understanding why seawall failure occurs and taking steps to prevent it can help protect your home.

Why do seawalls fail?

There are many different issues than can arise which can result in a seawall failure. Some of these issues may be preventable with regular maintenance, while others can occur from harsh weather conditions and are relatively unpreventable and unavoidable. As soon as you start to see damage to your seawall, call California Building Innovations to come take a look at the underlying issue with your seawall. Taking these steps ahead of time can save you a costly amount in the future. Some causes of seawall failure can include:

  • Poor Maintenance/Lack of Inspections
  • Corrosive Nature of Marine Environments
  • Driving heavy machinery too close to seawall
  • Raising elevation and load beyond seawall design limits
  • Changing water flow and trapping large quantities of water behind seawall
  • Shallow building foundations placed too close to the wall
  • Poor original construction/materials that can’t withstand harsh, corrosive marine environments

Whether it’s a loss of soil containment or structural damage in the wall itself, any problem should be immediately addressed by our seawall repair specialist to ensure your seawall doesn’t face any additional damage. Anything larger than small cracks in your seawall will likely require a professional to repair it. Don't delay calling California Building Innovations as another problem that may need a minor repair now can quickly enlarge to a major repair job when left to the mercy of the water. If you’ve noticed any of the following damages to your seawall, call California Building Innovations for a free inspection and quote for repairs.

  • Large cracks
  • Severe erosion
  • Separation of panels
  • Cap/wall leaning forward or back
  • Wall bowing or bulging in the middle
  • Wall kicking out at bottom/Seawall moving

Needing to replace your seawall is a last resort for most homeowners and most damage can be diminished before the problems become too severe. As long as professionals are called in early, most damage can be mitigated and repaired. If you think your seawall has structural damage, don't delay—contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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